I am Bob Lee, an Electric and Acoustic Bassist, a Composer, and a Computer user (Video Production and editing). As a Bassist, I started out on Electric Bass 40 yrs+ ago as a teenager. I studied at Musicians Institute and graduated 1981 (while in my 30's) so I have played half my career before any formal training which, for me, was an advantage. I believe that I have always composed when I played because I came up (started 1963) in an era of innovators on this (then) relatively new instrument. There were many new styles of music to be played on this instrument and many styles created because of it. Traditions were created by individuals rather than institutions. A big influence in my early career was the late James Jamerson.

I worked from 1983 till 1992 for Tobias Guitars under the leadership of the founder Michael Tobias. I was Mike's first employee in Southern California starting out playing as a product demonstrator at the N.A.M.M. show in 1983. I was MIS administrator for the company when I left in 1992. At various times I did instrument assembly, set-up, was involved with Artist Relations, R and D, and was Product Specialist. If you bought or inquired about Tobias Basses during that time, you quite possibly talked with me.

As a computer user, I produce and edit digital promotional video & I have designed CD artwork, graphic design, and web sites for musicians and business, computer systems for business, Computer Midi studios for several noted L.A. musicians and operate my own production facility. In 1987 I helped design a piccolo bass midi controller system in conjunction with Shadow of Germany. I could produce authentic sounding bass lines for client projects as well as my own compositions. I can work from written scores or improvise around a chord sheet. No one will automatically say "that's a keyboard bass part" regarding my Midi bass work.

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