City of Charleston (S.C.)

Joseph P. Riley Jr.



Whereas; The City of Charleston is proud to posthumously honor it's native son JAMES LEE JAMERSON, who after spending his childhood and adolescent years on Edisto Island and downtown charleston, developed a remarkable career as a jazz, Rhythm & Blues, and Motown bassist, as a bassplayer with Motown's house band, The Funk Brothers, and who made an indelible mark on American culture; and

Whereas; JAMES LEE JAMERSON is remembered as a musical pioneer who "revolutionized the artistry of the Bass" stated Berry Gordy, founder and producer of Motown Records: who, as Smokey Robinson, Motown Composer-Artist stated, "was the father of the modern day bass player." and who was ofter referred to as a musical genius by songwritiers and producers at Motown; and

Whereas; JAMES LEE JAMERSON's discography of Motown and other Rhythm and Blues hits lists in the hundreds; who been honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously presented by Guitar Player, and who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame under the newly created category, "sideman", and

Whereas; JAMES LEE JAMERSON's incomperable jazz, and rhythm and blues career is remembered by his family, relatives and other musicians, most especially the Funk Brothers; and

Whereas; JAMES LEE JAMERSON's musical legacy is now documented as the first effort of the Charleston Jazz Initiative of the Avery Research Center at the College of Charleston, is now included in one of the Lowcountry's historic legacies, and woven into the cultural fabric of Charleston, America, and the world.

Now, Therefore, I, Joseph P. Riley, Mayor, of Charleston, do therby proclaim September 18 and19, 2003 as:


in the City of Charleston, and urge all residents to join in recognizing and honoring this talented musician and extend our appriciation to his fmaily for the support and contributions they have bestowed upon our city on behalf of the Avery Research Center.

Signed Joseph P. Riley, Jr., Mayor

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